March 18, 2019

     We’re all super excited about warmer, sunnier days ahead! Guess who else is excited? Flies! Warmer weather means those annoying pests will be back in full swing in the Spring!

     On average, the life cycle of a house fly and stable fly only lasts for around 30 days, which means they don’t live long. However, in that short lifetime, they manage to accomplish quite a lot! The female fly may lay as many as 6 batches of offspring, each containing anywhere from 75 to 150 eggs. That’s the possibility of 900 larvae coming from ONE fly! So, although they don’t live long, an infestation can QUICKLY arise through new generations. 

     With that being said, do YOU have an established Fly Control Program? 

     It is important to manage fly populations BEFORE they become overwhelming to you and your animals. Let us help you create an integrated pest management program and control fly populations! 

    We use power products that suit your needs, give you immediate results, and provide a way to control flies both in both indoor and outdoor of animal facilities, including: dairy barns, poultry houses, beef cattle facilities, sheep and goat facilities, swine confinement buildings, horse stables, and even dog kennels.


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