Agrecom, Inc. is a full service water treatment company that provides it's clients with a wide range of high quality products from trusted sources. All of the services and products we supply are backed by the Agrecom, Inc. name and a history of cutting-edge advances in the livestock and poultry water treatment industries. Let the experts assist you with establishing a top notch water sanitation system with a variety of real-time data monitoring options to watch the savings stack up.



Real-time Remote Data Monitoring

   Watch Over flocks with Less Fuss! With the WOLF system in place you get satisfaction. WOLF combines an ultra-fast, broad spectrum efficient biocide for microorganism control in water systems with ORP monitoring that allows growers to have clean water and most importantly, healthy birds and livestock.

WOLF comes with state-of-the-art equipment that allows monitoring the water systems’ flow, consumption rate, product usage, and much more. Unlike other systems, with this technology and chemical product used, there is no guessing of whether your flock, or herd, is getting what it needs.


Stay up to Date - Flock to Digital

The poultry and livestock industry is changing with the modern times. The WOLF System keeps you updated with real-time data access, providing growers with chemical usage, water flow, pH, ORP, temperature, and numerous other crucial flock and environmental monitoring parameters at their fingertips.


Would You Drink Water Straight from Your Poultry Barn?

Water--every drop is crucial! Because birds consume 1.5 times more water than feed, growers must focus on providing a continuous water sanitation program to deliver safe, contaminate-free water. WOLF is the only system that provides you with real-time poultry water data and monitoring capabilities to provide that peace of mind.

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