August 27, 2018

     If you’re in the poultry business you know Darkling Beetles are pests you don’t want to have. They can create many problems like:

  • Facility Damage: Darkling beetles can cause damage TO a poultry facility. They can burrow into wood structures and tunnel through insulation. They can even create spaces between walls, concrete, and flooring.

  • Disease Vectors: Darkling beetles can carry diseases such as Salmonella, E. coli, Marek's disease virus, Newcastle disease virus, turkey coronavirus, poultry tapeworms, infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), astrovirus, RSS orthoreovirus, and coccidiosis protozoa.

  • Direct Damage to Poultry: Not only do they carry diseases, darkling beetles may also pester the birds, causing excess BIRD movement and reducing feed efficiency. Poultry that feed on the beetles instead of provided feed are suspect to lower bird nutrition. They are also known to crawl on the birds when deprived of moisture and chew at the base of the feathers. The bites FROM THESE NASTY CRITTERS also predispose the birds to certain diseases.

  • Feed Loss: These beetles can consume a significant amount of poultry feed. Spilled feed can attract a darkling beetle infestation.


Do you have a Darkling Beetle problem? 
Let’s go over the tactics and create a plan of defense!


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