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Watch Over flocks with Less Fuss!

Growers receive alarm notifications via email or text when an error occurs on their ranch, giving the grower the ability to fix the issue before it ever has a chance to affect the flock. The WOLF system allows for 24/7 data and monitoring capabilities. This is the reason why WOLF stands for Watch Over flocks with Less Fuss!

   With the WOLF Water Sanitation Solution system we believe the most valuable chemistry option for continuous water disinfection is Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine dioxide, CLO2, has 2.5 times more oxidation capacity compared to Chlorine and is NOT pH dependent. The reason COL2 has 2.5 times capacity is because it is a selective oxidizer meaning it is not greatly affected by organic matter or other contaminants in the water which it allows it to be useful at a much lower ppm’s or dilutions in water systems. COL2 attacks microorganisms by disrupting the cell’s ability to create essential proteins proving its effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, yeasts, and other pathogens, and has demonstrated its effectiveness in its ability to penetrate the biofilm layer that builds up on the inside of the pipes.

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